Linda Casey

Managing Member

Linda founded Northeast Work & Safety Boats in 2001. She oversees the operation and planning of the business. Prior to Northeast Work & Safety Boats, Linda graduated college with a math/computer science degree and worked in the IT industry for many years. She then decided to take some time and stay home caring for her children. Eventually, Linda began working part time for a company that provided boat services to construction contractors and containment booms to oil companies. When her youngest child entered first grade she started Northeast Work & Safety Boats. Linda is married to John (Jack) and has three daughters. Linda loves to be by the water and enjoys sailing and tennis.


John (Jack) Casey

Operations/New Business Manager

Jack joined Northeast Work & Safety Boats in 2004. He works with our customers understanding their needs and getting the equipment and personnel to the job sites. He has earned a reputation as a skilled boat operator and is an Operating Engineer with Local 478. Prior to Northeast Work & Safety Boats, he operated tug, push, safety and inspection boats and developed a good understanding of the business. Jack also owned a canoe and kayak rental business for 38 years before he sold the seasonal business in 2013. Jack is a selectman in his town and has recently been appointed to serve on the Connecticut Deep Water Port Authority. Jack lives with his wife Linda and enjoys visiting his three daughters. He likes to boat, bike and play tennis.


Thanh Nguyen

Accounting & Payroll Manager

Thanh has been with Northeast Work & Safety Boats since 2011. Her job includes the daily accounting functions as well as payroll. She enjoys working on the team. She has a husband and two children.







Johnnie Askew

Boat Operator and Operations Coordinator

Johnnie joined Northeast Work & Safety Boats in our Philadelphia/Camden region in 2001. Over the years, Johnnie has been involved in two rescues and was awarded a commendation for rescuing a victim beneath the Ben Franklin Bridge. He currently coordinates the operations and marketing efforts in the greater Philadelphia area. He is a father and enjoys spending time with his grandchildren.


William (Bill) Hostelley

Captain and Operations Coordinator

Captain Bill joined Northeast Work & Safety Boats in 2006 as a boat operator. He then became Assistant Project Manager on the deck replacement project for the west bound Chesapeake Bay Bridge. Bill is currently coordinating operations in the Baltimore Region and operating safety and crew boats.