Dan Innes

Schedule and Operations

Dan joined the Northeast Work & Safety Boats team as the scheduling and operations administrator in the summer of 2017 following his graduation from the University of Connecticut in the spring. His degree is in communication and currently attends Graduate School at UConn in the Department of Public Policy. Dan thoroughly enjoys snowboarding and obstacle course racing in his free time.



Connecticut crews:


  • Brian F, Kris, Jon S. Jack C, April, Joe H, Jill, Tobin B, Sarah C, Dan I, Linda C, Thanh N, Chinh N, Wally W, Rita W, Jess, Miles F.

Philladelphia Crews:


  • Jack C, Capt. Jimmy S, Johnnie D, Lee H, Christopher L, James T, Capt. Johnnie A





New York Crews:

Capt. Joe M, Capt. Mike R, Capt. Kevin C, Capt. Joe P, Jack C, Capt. Charles C, Capt. James L


Mid Anlantic Crews:

Jen B, Capt. Bill H, Jack C, Capt. Don P,Capt.  Paul W, Capt. Mike N, Capt. Fred P, Capt. Karl R,Capt. Don, Capt. Rick, Capt. John I, Capt. Denny C.